Mah Teef HurtyMaddie is, quite seriously, one of the toughest people I know. She’s had some insanely painful procedures in her short life, but she still has a smile on her face. It blows our minds how she can have an IV placed but still be happy. I mean really, would anyone blame her if she was a moody, sullen girl? We’d be all, “Maddie, smile!” and she’d point to her chest and say, “Um, HELLO, will you PLEASE look at my CHEST TUBE SCARS and shut up?!” Thank goodness she has a sweet disposition…and can’t talk yet.

So, you can imagine how jarring the adjustment to the new “teething Maddie” has been for us. This morning she woke up screaming. The whimpering has been constant, and the crying, OH the crying. Maddie has this certain sob that, before the last few days, we’d only heard a couple other times. She will weep until she runs out of air, and then she’s just gasping and wheezing like a chain smoker. It would almost be funny it wasn’t, you know, caused by tremendous pain.

We can’t stand to see her like this! We know that the discomfort she feels must be severe to have made our smiley girl vanish. She normally laughs in the face of pain! So, Internets, we are asking you for help. We need teething remedies. We’ve tried Tylenol and Orajel, ice cold formula and frozen bottle nipples. What worked for your babies? If you don’t have kids, call your mom and ask her what she did when YOU were teething. We will try ANYTHING. We just don’t want to see her suffer anymore!

And also, we are so very tired.