I was updating for a while via email, and everything was peachy! A little TOO peachy. Then Woodsy was like, “hey, you haven’t updated in a while,” and I was like, “yes I have.” And then she told me that there wasn’t an update up since November! Now, I have a tendency to slack, but I hadn’t slacked that hard! So somewhere along the way, Blogger decided it didn’t want to post my email updates. Asshole! So, I’m going to have to track those down and re-post them.

In the meantime, here is a brief rundown of what’s happened to me since November:

I celebrated my 3-year anniversary with Mike in NYC. It was great! Then we rang in the New Year in San Fran. Good times.

I got promoted. Yay!

I got engaged! YAY!!!

I bought a new car!

I broke my shoe at work today.

I think that about covers it.