Mike and I saw Gone Girl last night. I felt like one of the last people on Earth to read the book, tackling it last year when our family was on vacation. This was the first book I’ve ever hate-read. I kept wanting to abandon the book but Mike and my mom (who’d both read it) kept telling me I had to finish it. I’m glad I listened to them, although I’ve never despised fictional characters more in my life. I’m pleased to say I enjoyed the film much more than the book…and I think that’s because I knew what was coming and I’d already worked through my anger. That being said, here are some of my (somewhat-spoilery, so you’ve been warned) reactions to the movie.

gone girl

~I did not hate Ben Affleck’s character, Nick. I’m not sure if that’s because Ben’s a good actor (he’s excellent in the movie) who put a human face on an unlikable character, or because I knew what his role was in his wife’s disappearance. I wanted to punch book-Nick in the face, but I pitied movie-Nick.

~I. Hated. Amy. The actress who plays her, Rosamund Pike, was brilliant. If I hadn’t known how it was all going to end, I would have instantly been on her side, like I was when I read the book. Reading the book made me wary of everything Amy did…I found her to be very creepy, even in the scenes where she was allegedly earnest and “good.”

~I was delighted to see that Matt Saracen’s mom has a very large role in the movie. That sentence will mean something to you if you watched Friday Night Lights.

~The “penis shots” are no big deal. I’d read some articles this week that made it seem like this movie was practically an X-Rated porno (are things still rated X these days?), but it definitely wasn’t like that. Neil Patrick Harris and Ben Affleck are both naked in two scenes, but other than a few shots of their butts you really don’t see anything. And NPH’s nude scene has so much going on…you’re not looking at/for his penis because you’re too busy screaming internally (or externally, like one person in our theatre).

~The movie is very faithful to the book. There were a lot of rumors that the third act of the movie was a total departure from the book, but that didn’t turn out to be true. It would have been interesting to see how they would have changed things, but I appreciated seeing that insane final third of the book on the screen. Plus, changing the original third act would have deprived me my favorite part of the movie:

~The reactions from the audience members who hadn’t read the book were amazing. We had Gone Girl virgins on all sides of us in the theatre and hearing their gasps during the plots twists was a riot. At one point I turned in my seat to watch the audience instead of the screen, that’s how awesome the reactions were. But their faces when the movie ended and the credits came up…priceless. I now know exactly how my face looked last year when I finished the book.

I definitely liked the movie much more than the book. Mike didn’t hate the book like I did, but he enjoyed the movie more as well. I’m really curious to hear the reactions of the people who saw it this weekend who hadn’t read the book, and for those of you who did read the book and saw the movie, did you like it more or less?