The last few days have been extra-exhausting. My parents watched the kids a few nights ago so Mike and I could go out, which was really great, but the downside was James and I got on different schedules. It took a few days for the two of us to get back into a rhythm where he needed to eat at the same time I needed to express milk. I was forced to pump more than I would like and that meant my schedule was all out of whack.

Speaking of schedules, I had definitely forgotten about how just when you think you’re on one, the baby changes things up. The only thing James does reliably is wake up between 6:30 and 7:00 am every morning, even if he ate only an hour before. That’s a little bit brutal for a night owl like me, so I am trying to make adjustments. And by trying I mean, every night at 1 am I think, “crap, the baby is going to be up for good in six hours…I’m screwed.”

He is cute when he sleeps.

Besides occasionally getting off-schedule from James, I am still having some breastfeeding ups and downs. The kid takes forever to eat. FOREVER. And my breasts hurt all the time. Not my nipples, but my actual breasts themselves. They hurt before I nurse/pump, during, and after. Constantly. Just when I think it might be starting to get better…it isn’t. But everyone says it gets easier, and I certainly don’t remember pain when I was pumping for the girls, so I’m just waiting for this magical day when it starts to become a super! awesome! experience!

James is a little more than seven weeks now, and the day he hit six weeks old he “woke up,” so to speak. He wants to look around at everything, and often the only way to settle him is to face him out toward the room.

taking it all in

Luckily, he’s started smiling on the regular. He saves a few of the grins for me, but the majority of his toothless smiles are directed at Annabel. He makes her earn them, though. She’ll dance a foot away from his face and smile and say, “Hi Jamesie! HI! It’s Annabel! Where’s my smiiiiiiiile?” And he obliges.

Watching them interact is a super awesome experience.