Every time I sit down to edit some pictures of Annabel, I am treated to a surprise. Not a “OH that shot turned out better than I thought!” surprise. No, these are of the “OMG I can’t believe he took a picture of me like that!” variety.

Mike has been picking up my camera when I’m sleeping. Not to take cute pictures of Annabel – to take embarrassing pictures of me sleeping.

As every parent knows, you just grab sleep when you can. I am always fighting it, because as every new parent also knows, when the baby is down, that’s when you actually get stuff DONE. But that means that my body kind of forces me to take little cat naps when I’m not expecting it.

I was tired.

Rigby isn't certain I am alive.
Rigby is obviously very concerned.

Or sometimes I am really tired, but someone else is NOT.

she won't sleep! but I can.
thanks for stopping him, girls!

I also have a habit of falling asleep when I’m watching TV. My glasses suffer.

forgot to take off my glasses

Mike isn’t much of a napper (I don’t know how he does it) but today! Today I got my revenge!

so many things wrong

Stop taking pictures of me Mike!!