I'm actually not looking at her hair, but at something sparklyMy hair looks good in this picture. Maddie can’t take her eyes off it.

I wrote a whole entry about my time on bed rest, since I wasn’t blogging before my hospitalization, but I’m not really happy with it. I was trying to convey what it really felt like to be confined to a bed, but after writing it, leaving it alone, and then coming back to it, it just seems whiny. That wasn’t really what I was going for. I think I don’t have enough distance from the whole experience yet. For now, it will just be saved in my drafts folder.

Mike’s parents came to town today for a short weekend visit. The last time they saw her she was in the step down unit at the hospital, so she has changed greatly since then. When I got home from work we all went to a nice dinner at a little restaurant a few miles away. His parents can’t believe how different Maddie looks now. It takes people who don’t see her all the time to remind us how much she’s changed!

Holy crap! Maddie has been sleeping in the bassinet besides me while I write this, and she just let out three little whimpers that scared the crap out of me. I jumped up and she is still sleeping. Those little whimpers just broke my heart. I hope she’s okay. My heart is racing! I’m going to poke her…okay, she doesn’t like being poked. Does anyone else poke their sleeping children? I kind of do it all the time, just to make sure she’s still alive! She is going to hate me.