HOW are we already at this point?

Last week, Annabel hit the six month mark.


(month one, month two, month three, month four, month five)

Last week, I took Annie for her six month well baby visit with Dr. Looove. I was kind of a mess, as it was the morning after my aunt passed, and Dr. Looove immediately asked me what was wrong because she is the Best. Doctor. Ever. We talked for a while, and I just adore her. I feel so lucky that I found her when I did. I can’t imagine another doctor caring for me and my family.

Anyway, back to Annie’s visit. Dr. Looove went over Annie’s measurements:

weight: 18 pounds, 1 ounce
length: 26 1/2 inches
head: 17 inches
hair: thick

These measurements came out to length in the 50th percentile, head in the 75th percentile, and weight? NINETIETH PERCENTILE. NINE-OH. PERCENT. I know I say this every month, but it’s so hard for us to wrap our heads around all the delicious chub!


The rest of Annabel’s appointment went swimmingly. She’s right on target for everything. Basically, the 100th percentile of awesome. She’s rolling, grabbing, babbling, and doing all the other things she’s supposed to be doing.


Have I mentioned that I birthed myself? Sure, she looks like Mike (although, I think she looks like her sister), but her attitude is all me. She must be entertained constantly. She is loud. She brings her hand to her head as if to say, “My life as a baby, it is so hard! Woe!”

The solid food is…progressing. Some days she tolerates eating solids, and other days she hates it. But you know who LOVES it?


You can’t turn away for ONE SECOND or Rigby is all up in the baby’s grill. We have since moved to the high chair. I had to get that picture though, because it reminded me so much of this one:

Now I see why the humans say stupid things like, "Oh, I could eat your cheeks!"

Rigby has aged really well.

And…I just realized it’s even the same bib. Sigh.

Still no teeth, and I swear if they don’t pop through soon I am going to pull them out myself. Poor Annie is MISERABLE. I can’t wait until teething is over…you know, in two years.