Maddie has started making a new face, where she opens her mouth as wide as she can. It looks like she’s about to scream, or about to throw up.

crazy mouth!

She is totally silent when she makes this face, which cracks me up every time.

This morning Maddie was whimpering in her sleep, and then when she woke up she was especially clingy. Never a good sign. Since then she’s been sneezing and coughing and sweaty off and on. I’ve been hoping that it’s her top teeth coming in, but when her bottom teeth came in she wasn’t like this. And oh, the snot. It terrifies me. Poop, barf, those are nothing. Snot bubbles? GAG.

So we’re wrapped up here on the couch, cuddling and wiping away boogers (GAG) and just trying to keep Maddie comfortable. She looks so sad, poor thing. Well, sad when she’s isn’t smiling for the camera. Little ham.

smiling even when she's sick

Fingers crossed she doesn’t get worse. Our new health insurance information hasn’t arrived. Typical.


updated 12/04 at 12:15 am: Poor little Maddie isn’t feeling any better. She spent the entire day curled up in bed with me. She had a fever off and on, threw up a couple times, and coughed and sneezed all day. Mike and I moved the oxygen rocket into our bedroom (no small task, the thing is HUGE and HEAVY), and I totally Macgyvered an oxygen mask for her after she pulled her nasal cannula off her face. Her respiratory rate is faster than it usually is (that’s how many breaths she takes per minute) and her heart rate is up, thanks to her off and on fever. I spoke with Dr. Looove during office hours, and we’ll be bringing Maddie in to see her first thing.

Fingers crossed.