I called in sick to work yesterday. I hate to call in sick, mostly because I don’t get sick days and I work on commission. So when I don’t go into work, I miss out twice – no hourly wage and no sales. But with all the madness of fall, and with Leslie and Matt’s wedding in a week, I figured I should bite the bullet and spend a day getting well, rather than dragging it out for weeks. I definitely feel better today, so I know I made the right decision. Now I just need to make up for my day off on the sales board! It’s hard to get back into the swing of things.

While I was lying prone on the couch, I decided to make the best of my time and I uploaded a TON of photos to my new hosting site. Mike’s brother-in-law hooked me up with a free account at Flickr.com back in June and I hadn’t taken advantage of it. It has an extremely easy uploading tool, so I spent a few hours transferring photos off of my laptop. I also had NINE CDs worth of photos to upload from my old work computer in New York City. Those nine CDs were filled with pretty much every photo I had taken since I moved to NYC…in other words, a butt-load. It was fun to go through all those memories. Now I have the monumental task of adding captions, but that’s going to take a while.

In the past I’ve always put my photos up on my site where anyone could see them. I never really had an issue with strangers or weirdoes looking at them because I could just pretend to myself that anyone who looked at them was my friend, or at least someone who read my site. Then yesterday, as I was tooling around on the Flickr site, I saw that there were links that would let me look at my most popular photos, sorted into four categories: Most Views, Most “Favorited,” Most Comments, and Most Interesting. So, even though I hadn’t told anyone I’d uploaded photos, I clicked on the “most comments” link. There, I discovered that RANDOM PEOPLE had made comments on some of my photos!!! For example, there was a comment made about a picture of me and two of my friends, a comment made about the Halloween costumes Kimbrough and her roommates wore, and a bunch of others. Crazy! Like I said, I was always able to pretend in the past that only friends and website readers looked at my photos, but with the random comments there was no way I could go on with that little lie. So I went through all of the photos and made it so that only friends and family can look at the pictures. To be considered friends and family, I have to invite you through the Flickr.com website. Right now I have left some pictures available to the public, but for the most part all my pictures are private. That being said, if you want to look at my pictures I would be happy to make you a friend! Just add a comment in this post, or send me an email.

I feel dizzy. I think it’s time to go home!


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