Annabel has started giving us kisses spontaneously, and it’s so amazing. I can be laying on the floor, or sitting at my computer, and she’ll crawl over and give me a big sloppy wet kiss. I live for those moments.

Lately, though, she isn’t saving her kisses for me. She’s doling them out left and right…to her TOYS.

She tongue kissed her new dinosaur ride…

kissing the dinosaur

…her jingle bell instrument…

tasting the music

…the Belle doll she got from Santa…

Bel and Belle

…and most interestingly, a picture of herself.

kissing herself

My mom loves to play Annie videos of herself, and Annie tries to kiss the screen. So my mom thought it would be a great idea to give Annie a mirror. She stares into it and talks to herself and, you guessed it, kisses her reflection constantly.

So, now when I say, “give mama kiss!” she just looks at me like, “hmm…no.” and then crawls away and kisses one of her toys. What the heck! How am I supposed to win back her affections from toys?

I want my kisses back!