While everyone was enjoying the winter break, James hit seven months.

seven months
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weight: 18 pounds, twelve ounces
length: 28.25 inches
head: 19.25 inches
hair: natural highlights to die for

This baby…he’s the greatest. The other day my dad was over, and I asked him if he’d watch the baby while I showered. He agreed but then said, “What do I do if he starts crying for no reason?” And I laughed because James has literally never cried for no reason. If he’s crying, it’s because he’s wet/tired/hungry, or Annabel is squishing him. Unlike his sisters, he never cries for funsies. He’d much rather be smiling.

seven months

I didn’t think he was close to crawling, but this week he’s been spinning on his belly and rolling from point a to point b, plus he’s been pushing himself up into a pre-crawl pose so…it might be happening. I am NOT ready. I am dreading the baby-proofing! Annie has so many tiny things! UGH. He looks so proud of himself when he pushes himself up, it’s adorable.

seven months

To compliment his impending mobility he’s developing a healthy amount of curiosity. He wants to grab everything, and anything he gets his hands on goes directly into his extremely-drooly mouth. He’s also experiencing some separation anxiety. It doesn’t seem to be related to me in particular, as he’s fine if Annabel is in the room with him, but if he’s alone in a room he freaks out. It’s made things harder for me (bathroom, shower, cooking, etc), but Annabel loves that she has the ability to make him happy when he’s upset.

seven months
This one kills me.

The teething is still going strong. His two front teeth popped through before Christmas, and he’s working on three more that I can see. He’s handling it like the champ that he is, and the only time we seem to notice any discomfort is at night when he wakes up. Oh how I miss sleeping through the night.


I think this is going to be a big month for James! Crawling is on the horizon…and hopefully a full night’s sleep, too.