I tried to convince Time to slow down, but apparently Time is a jerk. Annabel is seven months old, and not my tiny newborn anymore.

Seven Months Old!

(month one, month two, month three, month four, month five, month six)

Annabel can really be summed up perfectly by this picture, where even though literally SECONDS before she was waving her arms with gleeful abandon, she suddenly decided her needs were not being met.

Meet…The Lip.


HOW DOES SHE KNOW TO DO THIS? I’m pretty sure I didn’t learn about the power of The Lip until I was at least 18 months old. She pulls the lip out whenever she isn’t getting her way. She has her daddy figured out – when he sees The Lip, he is putty. I don’t give in so easily, however. So then we’re suddenly in an old fashioned battle of the wills. At least, until she does this:

inexplicable meltdown, part one

Dang it.

So we comfort, she smiles, we get more pictures:

Seven months!

and then suddenly BAM:

annnnnnd now she is inexplicably upset

Let me tell you, getting her monthly stats after that was a TREAT.

weight: 19 pounds 3 ounces
length: 27 1/2 inches tall
head: 18 inches
hair: tangled

This last month was huge for her. She rolls all over the place. Two teeth popped through, with more working their way up. She (obviously) has no problems eating and has finally taken to baby foods. She’s sooo close to crawling that I’ve started baby-proofing again. I know that one day very soon, it’s all going to just *click* and she’ll be crawling and pulling herself up. Ack!

Annie is this gigantic ball of chub and energy. She laughs easily and she’s so much fun…but if she wants a battle of the wills? She has met The Master. BRING IT ON ANNABEL!