As I briefly touched upon in my Sunday post yesterday, we have been dealing with yet another round of illness in our house. This cold and flu season has been jammed with sinus infections and bronchitis and some really gross things that we will never speak of again. I need everyone to be healthy already. Coughing my way to tighter abs sounded like a silver lining at the time, but I’m tired and sore now. Go away, germs. Please tell me we aren’t the only ones who were hit hard this season!

Over the last two weeks, this bug has knocked down me, the kids, and both of my parents. Only Mike has made it through relatively unscathed, with just the sniffles. We ended up having to skip out on a lot of fun stuff. Annabel couldn’t participate in her last swimming class, and we all had to miss our valley’s big carnival (and a surprise Foo Fighters appearance…that still stings a little).

Anyway, we’ve all been going a little stir-crazy. We took our no-longer-contagious-selves out of quarantine this weekend and got some fresh air.

First we hit the California Strawberry Festival, which was very crowded but still fun:

ca strawberry festival

We tried strawberry-flavored popcorn and strawberry smoothies…both were really good.

strawberry popcorn

strawberry smoothies

We did that time-honored parenting thing where you stand in a 90-minute line for a 90-second ride:

making a break for it

We also did that thing where everyone gets really hot and grumpy and snippy. So we moved on to our next activity, an ice cream social at the Santa Monica Pier Carousel. It was air conditioned and had ice cream, so all of our moods improved tremendously.

santa monica carousel

santa monica carousel

We discovered that Annabel is a natural at the bean bag toss…

corn hole queen

But James? Kind of a cheater:


On Sunday we went to a birthday party, where we decided James was finally old enough to jump in the bounce house with the big kids (his dream come true).

bounce house boy

Before we went to the Strawberry Festival, I was in bad shape. The only thing that sounded good was two days of sleeping! But getting out of the house (along with a closely-followed drug regimen) made a huge difference. Or, I’ve set myself up for a huge crash this week!

hangin' with my girl

Eh, it was worth it.