The last few weeks have been very busy. Like, multiple things happening every day, up late, up early kind of busy. And while I’ve done my best to follow Dr. Risky’s orders and limit my activity (and use a wheelchair when necessary), I know I have pushed myself to the brink. So from now until whenever The Acrobat arrives, the Spohrs are slowing down. Other than a few important dates already on our calendar, I’m saying no to everything.

Part of saying no is, of course, to keep myself and The Acrobat safe. I’ve been having more contractions, more pain, and just more…pregnancy ickiness. I’m seeing Dr. Risky tomorrow and I would rather tell her that I am preemptively planning on laying on my side than have her basically order me to.

The other part of saying no is to soak up these last few weeks with Annabel. I’ve never been someone who lamented her child’s bygone babyhood, because that meant she was alive. But, the video Mike posted last week really slammed me in the gut. I’m not sad she isn’t a baby anymore, but I’m definitely going to miss our current situation. As uncomfortable as I am right now, I don’t want these last few weeks of Annie being my youngest to fly by. I need my time with my baby before she officially becomes the Big One.

This past weekend, the mountains that surround my hometown were on fire. While I knew my parents and friends would be okay, it was still terrifying to see the pictures they sent:

from hview

behind t's

behind t's

Our house was in zero danger, but was still close enough to have horrible ash-and-smoke-filled-air. We were lucky that part of our busy weekend plan was an hour away from home, where the sky was clear and the beach was close.

off to the beach

The amazing firefighters did a fantastic job of saving homes, but the beautiful hills and hikes of my childhood will be scarred for years. Just another reminder of how quickly things can change. And a reminder to enjoy life as it is right now…

…which I will be doing, from my couch, for the rest of this month (I promise, Dr. Risky).