A few weeks ago we were at our local mall, and it was already completely decked out for Christmas. It was barely a week after Halloween at that point…pretty soon it’s just going to be a mad slide from Back-to-School directly into the Christmas buying season. Craaaazy. We were somewhat near where Santa’s house would be set up, so Mike and I thought it would be a good idea to walk over to the area so Annabel could look at it and start mentally preparing for meeting Santa this year. Instead, we were greeted with Santa himself.

Santa is already here!

Apparently Santa comes the second week of November now.

holy crap SANTA! LET'S GO!


Mike told her we could go down and wave to him, so off we went. As we got closer, Mike picked Annie up. When I asked him why, he said it was a conditioned response. We were so used to Annie flipping out when she got too close to the Jolly Man that Mike was certain she was going to run.

Santa was up and walking around his “cottage,” as it was just about time for his dinner break. He walked over to where Mike was standing with Annabel.

Santa: Hi there.
Mike (overly enthusiastic): HI SANTA!!!!
Annabel: Santa! Look, I can do this!

She then put the fingertips from each hand under her eyes and pulled the skin down, exposing the red inside icky part of her eyelids.

Santa: ……..Well look at that.
Annabel: It makes me see better!!!

With that, Santa went off to have dinner. Mike and I looked at Annie.

Annie (distressed): Mommy! Santa came over and I showed him inside of my eyeballs and I didn’t tell him what I wanted! I DIDN’T TELL HIM BUT I SHOWED HIM MY EYEBALLS!

Poor girl realized she’d choked. We tried to reassure her that it was okay and she’d get many other chances to tell Santa what she wanted, but she was distraught. I honestly wasn’t much help either, because I couldn’t stop giggling at the mental image of Annie pulling her eyelids down for Santa.

Every day since then, Annie has played, “Practice Santa” with me, where, according to Annie, “Mommy, you can practice being Santa and I can practice being Annabel.” The good news is that I’m pretty sure Annie isn’t going to freak out for her photo with Santa this year! Now we just have to work on James.