It was a busy weekend for Miss Annabel. Lots of new things going on for her.

She started rolling over a few weeks ago, but accidentally. Every time she did it, she started screaming like, “HOLY CRAP THE WORLD FLIPPED OVER HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!” Now, she rolls with purpose.

preparing to roll


almost there


At Annie’s last doctor visit her pediatrician told us to watch for the signs that Annabel is interested in food. Ever since then, this kid watched us eat like it’s the greatest show on earth. So, Mike and I decided that we’d mix up a bit of oatmeal for her. It went as well as I expected.

First bites


this is weird

Her finger and toe nails are growing like crazy. I am constantly giving her manicure/pedicures. So it only seemed natural to go all the way.

tiny purple toes

I had to do it – Teeny Tinted Tootsies!

More giveaways are coming this week! The winner of the Rusk products will be announced later today – sorry for the delay!

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