The nursery that we set up in our home has a music theme. We knew it would have that motif no matter what the gender of our first child was. We had a blast picking out decorations, hanging record albums on the walls, and buying a pink and purple guitar. The best part about the rock and roll nursery is that we knew it would work for Maddie’s younger brother or sister when they eventually had to share a room.

One of my favorite things in the bedroom is the custom album cover we had made of Madeline:

Maddie's Album Cover

Since Annabel came along, we’ve added a few little touches to make the room hers. There are now hints of pink sprinkled throughout. There is a wall of different colored letter A’s. And, I finally got around to making Annie’s album cover:

Annie's album cover

I hope Annie grows to love her Rock and Roll room as much as Mike and I do. It’s my favorite place in the whole house.

This video is apropos of nothing, but it makes me laugh EVERY. TIME. I watch it.

if you can’t see the video above, click here.

She does that pacifier thing like five times a day. The video is cute, but nothing beats the live show.