Yesterday was Rigby’s birthday. It’s hard to believe this little puppy


is now nine years old. I remember the day we picked her out, my sweet little puppy.

Annabel, aka The Human Calendar, woke up and shouted from her bed, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RIGBY!” Rigby was curled up on my bed at that moment and was not amused by the early wake up call. In our family, when it’s your birthday you get a special birthday breakfast, and Rigby was no exception. She gobbles up eggs, and Annie insisted on prepping them for her.

Prepping Rigby's eggs

Prepping Rigby's eggs

After I made them (because Annie + open flame = noooooo way), I let Annie deliver them to where Rigby was waiting.

singing to her

Annie wasn’t totally content with our quiet birthday morning celebration. She wanted to take Rigby places, like to school, the mall, and Disneyland. I explained to her that Rigby’s ideal day is going for a walk, playing tug of war, and mostly cuddling on the couch. Annie said, “That’s boring!” Someday you’ll understand, Annabel.

birthday buddies

I love my sweet Rigby. She barks waaaay too much, but she’s the most patient dog. She puts up with all the silly costumes I dress her in, she follows me everywhere, and she’s always right there when she knows I need a snuggle. I literally clung to her in the months after Maddie died. Someday I won’t have Rigby, and the thought really chokes me up. I adore her so.

happy birthday, Rigby!

Happy birthday, Dear Rigby! We all love you so much (especially me).

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