Rigby turned eight a few days ago. We celebrated it last month when we gave her a teeth cleaning. Coincidentally, Rigby’s teeth cleaning is also what Mike and I gave each other for our anniversary next week. Anyway, we had no plans to do anything for her other than a nice grooming, her birthday scrambled egg, some extra tummy scratches and maybe a few bites off my plate (someone might as well enjoy it, right?). But Annie, of course, did not accept this. After last year’s party, I don’t know why I expected her to.

I didn’t have it in me to do another little party for Rigby, so I started casually questioning Annabel about what she expected out of Rigby’s birthday. This turned out to be the way to go, because I discovered that all she really wanted was to give Rigby a present. She said over and over that she had to “go to the mall” to get Rigby a birthday gift. “It’s important, Mama!”

Mike and I had a quick discussion about it, and he knew exactly where to go. He took Annie to the same doggie bakery that made Rigby’s treats last year, and Annie picked out a cookie to give. “This will be Rigby’s birthday cake, Dada,” she said to him at the bakery.

The second they returned home Annie started asking if she could give Rigby her present.

an ice cream cone!

Rigby came over and gave it a curious sniff…

getting her treat

eating her birthday treat

…and was not impressed. She wandered away, but Annie wasn’t having it and called Rigby back over. Rigby gave it a lick…

licking her lips

…and was still like, “meh.” I remembered that she didn’t really love her cookie from last year, either. I put it in her food dish and told Annie, “Annabel! You know what? Rigby told me what she really wants from you is a hug! Do you want to give her one?”

You don’t have to ask Annie twice if she wants to give Rigby a hug. And Rigby, aka the most patient dog in the world, allowed it.

Hugging Rigby

"she's letting me hug her!"

Rigby stayed in Annabel’s embrace for the length of two Happy Birthday songs.

singing Happy Birthday to Rigby

And she even let Annie give her a kiss.

kissing Rigby

It was like it was Annie’s birthday. But later, without the promise of a cookie, Rigby went and cuddled up next to Annie, so I’m pretty sure Rigby enjoyed it, too.