I spent the weekend with women who have definite goals. Long lists of thing that they want to accomplish in their lives.

I was never really certain about the point of a life list (or as some call them, bucket lists). It seemed a bit like a life-long new year’s resolution that followed you around forever with the potential to make you feel like a failure.

As I listened to these amazingly accomplished women, I reevaluated the things I wanted to do in my life. More specifically, the order. Sure, I still DO want to prank call the vice president, or find out who Billy Jean’s baby daddy really was. But I have some goals that I have set for myself that I want to complete in the next 365 days.

For those of you who don’t know, Friends of Maddie is the charity we started in honor of Madeline. There is a new thing we are going to start offering this year – grants. We want to start giving grants to families with babies in the NICU to help with the insane expenses that come with having a child in the hospital. That grant can be used for anything – buying groceries, paying for hospital parking, gasoline, whatever they need cash for – and they don’t have to pay us back. My first goal for this year is to help at least five NICU families with grants. As soon as we are set up to start accepting applications and nominations, I will let you all know. But that is something that is VERY important to us, and we hope to be able to roll it out ASAP.

The other thing I want to do – something that I hadn’t even told anyone until yesterday – is start a college scholarship for former NICU babies. I want it to be Maddie’s Scholarship – the money we would have used to pay for her college can instead go on to help pay for her peers to go and learn and hopefully figure out an end to prematurity. But, I have Noooooo Idea how to go about doing this. So if you’re a scholarship guru give me a holler.

If I don’t accomplish anything else in my life (other than raising happy children) I will be happy. It’s so important to me to give to others in Madeline’s name. To know Maddie made a difference in the lives of six families would be indescribable.

I’m refocused. We’re gonna make this happen.