just for the taste of it

A lot of you noticed the Diet Coke can collection in my last post. To answer your questions, YES, Mike drank all of those himself. Not a single one of those cans belonged to me. And that’s not all he drank that day! He’s always consumed too much Diet Coke (in his mom’s opinion) and it’s something I’ve been around forever – my parents used to be big D.C. drinkers in their day. Annabel doesn’t even flinch at the sound of a coke can opening (neither did Madeline). I think they got used to it in utero. I’ve grown accustomed to hearing the unmistakable sound of a soda can popping open at the start of each day.

He can’t function without Diet Coke, and he will actually drink a can and then go to bed. It baffles me.

I used to drink a lot of Diet Coke but I stopped a year ago. I still drink a cup of coffee every day, but that’s it. I know, it’s hard to believe after I admitted how hopelessly addicted I was.

My vices go in phases. When I was in high school I went through this kick where I only ate bread rolls at lunch (plain. Yes, weird, I know.). Off and on I have to drink raspberry iced tea (made from a mix). I’ll get stuck on a certain food (like tacos from Baja Fresh, mmmm) and then that’s all I want to eat for weeks. When I was pregnant, my cravings were crazy – avocados, chop suey, latkes, pie, and cheese, to name a few – but after I’d eat them for a few days I was over them (except for pie, because it is impossible to be over pie).

With Annie here I am still managing to keep to one coffee most days. I am being careful about what I eat since she is eating it too. The one thing I am indulging in like crazy? Apple juice. I have a low-sugar variety that I chug all day. I have to stay really hydrated and after a while, apple juice is the only thing I can stomach. I get tired of plain old water! So I’m looking for suggestions for tasty healthy drinks.

Oh, and my current addiction? Pretzel crisps and garlic hummus. Poor Annabel, she is constantly getting kissed by the garlic monster.