We do our best to make every day about Annabel, but with the sadness of last week we put in a concerted effort to lavish her with extra love, attention, and happiness. I also got my camera back (the shutter broke and it was in the repair shop for 12 days!), so I dressed her up and made her the focus of my lens once again. It was so wonderful to peer through the viewfinder and see my little love looking back at me.

lady hands

Lady Annabel

little lady bug looking up at me

little feet

taking it all in

I know Annie won’t have any memories of last week, and for that I’m glad. but if she were to remember something, I would hope it would be the love we have for her. Holding her was often the only comfort I had. If I didn’t have her, I don’t know how I would have made it through last week – let alone the last year. She is my little life preserver. Even though I often cling to her desperately, I don’t want her to ever feel smothered by anything but love and kisses.

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