I joined another gym. UGH I know. After we moved I said I was going to take advantage of the quiet neighborhood and go for walks and even runs. It’s like I don’t know myself at all. After going on one single walk/run, I remembered exactly why I have joined four other gyms: because I hate exercise. Being healthy and fit isn’t enough motivation – I don’t want to waste money, so that membership fee forces me to sweat. Plus this new gym is in a mall!

I’m basically a professional gym joiner. You can never just go in and say, “I want to join. Here is my credit card.” There is always a sales pitch. I used to dread that…mostly because even though I worked in sales, I am an easy mark. I suck at saying no to nutritional supplements. I really don’t get all the nutrients I need! And a personal trainer could make me totally ripped. A spray-tanning plan? Well, I am kind of pale…

This time I swore I wouldn’t sign up for ANY extras. I went into that meeting with the sales guy all hyped up. I was always one step ahead with all his questions. I got him to waive the initiation fee. I negotiated a better monthly rate than originally offered. I was kicking ass! I was there to join a gym, and that was IT.

I took the tour, I said no to the personal training, I even passed up the chance to get discounted merchandise. I truly was a new woman. And then the sales guy said, “I see you wrote down here that you’re married. Does your husband belong to a gym?”

Twenty five minutes later I walked out of there with a gym membership for Mike. And also some discounted gym clothes. I know, but the clothes really were a great deal.