So, I’ve never blogged about this before but…I wrote a book. It’s something I worked really hard on, and I’m pretty proud of it. And, because you all are so supportive, I am going to share it with you.


I not only wrote it, I also illustrated it.


It’s a complicated story that doesn’t focus much on its title character after the first page. I wanted the reader on his or her toes.


Also, I wanted to keep things interesting, so I drew very strange looking bears.

The story progressed from there:


Don’t look too long at the hummingbird feeder. It is a liiiiiiitle um…well, just don’t look at it too long.


I think the use of negative space on this page is compelling. Not to mention the green rat. Genius, right?


This part of the story has to be my favorite. My self-portrait is spot-on, and my outfit is to die for.


Just when you think the book is going to be all about me, I bring it back to family. I missed the mark on my Great-Grandma, though. She wore glasses.

Finally, I wrap it up:


So TWIST! It’s actually a horror novel. Seven oddly-colored things staring at you.

Unfortunately, my version of Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? is out of print. But it will always be posted here for posterity.

Don’t despair, though – I’m working on my next book.

edited to add: People, this was an assignment from elementary school. I know this is an actual book by Bill Martin Jr. It’s a joke! Sheesh.