Now that I’m home with Maddie full-time, I have really taken it upon myself to teach her life’s lessons. A couple weeks ago was her first foray into religion, so yesterday I thought I’d teach her about managing her money. In these trying economic times, you’re never too young to learn the value of a dollar.

No, I didn’t start a savings account for her! That’s what grandparents are for. This is Southern California, land of a thousand shopping malls. I got her a credit card, duh.
her very own MadsterCard

She couldn’t believe it when I gave it to her.
Here's your very own credit card, Maddie!

Maddie immediately wanted to go out and shop, but I had to stop her. I explained to her that her credit card wasn’t free money, but an advance that she would have to repay to the Bank of Mommy. And that if she always paid her balance on time, she’d build up an excellent credit rating, which would be important when she wanted to take out loans for big things like cars and houses.

She didn’t listen to a word I said, instead crawling away from me towards the door. Girl was itchin’ to break in her new card.
Going Shopping

So off we went to the nearest shop. Maddie found a pair of TO DIE FOR kicks. She went ga-ga over them. She looked back at me, winked, and reached for her card.
do you take MadsterCard?

We gleefully yelled, “Charge it!” as Maddie handed over the plastic.
charge it!

And then…disaster. The shopkeeper said,

“I’m sorry miss, but we only take Visa here.”

Maddie was heartbroken.
what do you mean you only take Visa?!

Poor Maddie. Denied on her first attempt. I told her that in the future she should always pay with cash, and save her credit card for emergencies. She listened quietly and nodded. Then I bought her the shoes, because I am a sucker for that little vampire smile.

In the end, I think Maddie taught me the lesson. Damn it!