We’re into week two of preschool, and so far everything is going really well. Every morning when I wake Annabel up to get ready, she hops out of bed, excited. She loves helping me make her lunch (and she’s finally started eating it…or giving it away, who knows). Leaving her at school has been no problem, too. In fact, yesterday after she climbed out of her car seat she said to me, “You don’t have to walk with me, Mommy. I’m a big girl.”

Annie being gone a couple mornings a week has been really great. I thought I would miss her, but it’s been good for us. She gets her time free of the matriarchy, and I get some time with just James. However, James’ morning nap fills up the majority of the time Annie is gone, so basically it’s me and Rigby, sitting on the couch, eating bon bons.

On Tuesdays, I signed Annie up for an enrichment class that focuses on drawing. She loves to draw and color, so I thought she’d enjoy having some guidance in that department. I picked her up after her first class yesterday and she had this:

Annie's rainbow

First they draw their image with pencil, then they color it in. Annie told me this is, “A rainbow with grass and trees and a sun.”

My only complaint about preschool rests with Annie herself. Without fail, when I get her in the car after class and say, “What did you do at school today?” She responds, “I don’t know.” I try asking more targeted questions like, “Who did you sit with during lunch?” or “What song did you sing during circle time?” She will either reply again that she doesn’t know, or she will make something up. For example, yesterday when I asked her what song they sang, she replied, “Um….we sang a song about how some of the kids miss their mommies.” Thinking that sounded cute, I asked her to sing it to me. “Um…sommmme kiiiiids…miss their mooooommiiiiiiies….and they cry and they cry and they’re sad but I don’t miss yoooooooou!”


After she’s been home for about an hour, little bits and pieces of the day will come out. Unfortunately, this information is exclusively intel about the classroom “naughty kids.” Like, Annabel, I’m glad that (allegedly) you have not yet been naughty in class, but I don’t care if little Johnny Doe is a bad listener, or that Janey Doe likes to climb on the benches. Glad to know your tattletale gene is working, though!

I figure if she wasn’t having a good time at school, she’d tell me. Still, I wasn’t expecting the tight-lips about school for a few more years! Threenager indeed.