Last Friday we went to my parents’ house to swim in their pool. It was the perfect way to spend the last day of summer. Most of the time, Annie naps after she swims, but occasionally she gets a freakish burst of toddler energy and runs around like a crazy chicken. Friday was a crazy chicken day.

Once we were dry and back in normal clothes, my parents and I tried to convince Annie that it would be super cool fun times to snuggle up on the couch. She wasn’t having it, and turned to run away from us…smacking right into the corner of a wall, face-first. We all jumped up as she bounced off the wall – literally – but she surprised us by letting out a little giggle. I realized later she was stunned. I picked her up and cuddled her like a baby, and that’s when I saw the blood in her mouth. She tasted it right when I saw it, and that’s when the screaming and crying started.

While she cried for her daddy, (which, A. he wasn’t there and B. what am I, chopped liver?), I was able to inspect inside her mouth and saw a small gash on her gum, right above her right front tooth. Nothing else was bleeding. I have no idea how she managed to cut her gum without injuring anything else. Her tooth isn’t loose. Her lip was completely fine, not even a little bit swollen. I am still baffled. Kids are so weird.

The taste of the blood was making Annie gag (and there was a lot of it), so my parents and I tried to slow the bleeding with some towels and ice. She didn’t like how either of those things felt, and just screamed more. Eventually she wiggled away from me and ran to my parents’ front door, cry-screaming, “I….WAAANNNNNNNT….MYYYYY………DAAAAAAADAAAAAA,” which, I’m not gonna lie, I’m still annoyed by but anyway. My parents thought maybe ice cream would make her feel better, but I didn’t want to give her any because she’d had some before we swam (which could explain the hyper activity….). Then I had a brainstorm.

“Annie, do you want a Popsicle? It will make your mouth feel better!”

“I…..WAAANNNNNNT……MYYYYYYY…..tockstickle? OKAY!”

popsicle healing

I’m pretty lucky that my parents actually had Popsicles in their freezer.

She stopped crying and happily sat on my mom’s lap to enjoy her medicinal Popsicle. After she finished it, she saw her reflection and said, “Hey look! My mouth is red from the Popsicle!” And I was like, “And also from all the blood!” but then my mom shot me a look so I added, “But mostly the Popsicle, which I’m sure was made with completely natural red dyes, yay!”

Five days later, her mouth is completely healed but she will still say, “My mouth hurts, can I have a tockstickle?” And because he is a sucker for that girl, her daddy gives her one (which could explain why she cries for him when she’s hurt…).