I bleed Dodger Blue...and also pink!Mike and I had awesome tickets to the Dodger game tonight (thanks, bosses). The tickets were in the sixth row and included food and drinks and access to a private club AND they are normally $225 each. So, even though I am still not feeling stellar, we didn’t want to miss out. I took copious amounts of medicine and we hit the game…with Maddie! Aw, baby’s first baseball game.

Mike and Maddie met me at the stadium. Mike did a great job of getting Maddie all ready in the cute little outfit I’d laid out. We headed straight for the club and met up with my friends and coworkers and had silly amounts of food. It was nice for us to be OUT for once. We haven’t done anything fun with Maddie…we are so cautious with her and really only take her to the doctor or to see her grandparents. Not to say that we were letting her roll around on the floor or anything. We sat in the corner in the club away from everyone except our friends and I disinfected everything she came into contact with. Whatever works, right?

this is the stadium!The seats were great. Neither of us had sat in the Baseline seats before, so it was cool to see what all the hype was about. Plus, the Dodgers played great, lots of offense and Maddie saw her first home run. She did great with all the crowd noise. When everyone yelled after the home run, she was a bit startled, but when she saw Mike and me smiling she started smiling, too. It was hilarious, she looked like she was cheering. She was a hit with everyone around us…I’m sure when they saw us coming with a baby, they were all worried she’d be a disruption. Thank goodness she wasn’t…I don’t know what kind of little person she is going to develop into so I am not going to take these well-behaved days for granted. Not that I’m going to allow her to be out of control or anything!! I was a strong-willed child, so I’m worried that the apple might not have fallen far from the tree. Anyway, she took it all in and didn’t fall asleep until the fifth inning…about 10 minutes before her daddy!

* if you get the title of this post, you win a prize!