This past Sunday my parents had a family birthday BBQ at their house 45 minutes north of LA. Mike and I were so sore on Sunday morning from the trapeze that we wondered how we could possibly stand the drive out to their house. Then Mike remembered the pool – ah, cool and glorious, with a spa & jets. It helped motivate us to get our tired rears in gear.

Maddie’s health is finally at a place where we felt comfortable taking her into the pool for the first time. She was just put on a new asthma medication (Singulair) and we should expect to see results in about two weeks. Her doctor was required by law to tell us that Singulair has been (allegedly) linked to suicide in adults. So far, Maddie hasn’t been locking herself in her room, writing hate poetry in her journal, but we’re keeping all our tiny nooses away from her just the same. Keep your fingers crossed that the Singulair works.

IMG_0990By the time Mike and I got to my parents’ house and got settled, it was about Maddie’s nap time. For some reason, I decided this would be the perfect time to take her swimming. I really don’t know what I was thinking. I got her dressed in her little bikini (which was OF COURSE too big for her. They don’t make bathing suits in Newborn Size. GROW Maddie!), and then it was sunscreen time. I discovered something totally awesome when I was applying Maddie’s sunscreen – she is insanely ticklish. When I would rub the lotion into her legs, she would laugh to the point of hysterics. Since she was already wearing I diaper, I didn’t see a problem with torturing tickling her until she peed. Her laugh is the greatest thing.

Considering she was already tired, and then worn out from laughing, she did great in the pool. She didn’t really splash like she does in the bath, but she had a smile on her face whenever her hand wasn’t in her mouth.

This is the first and last time you will see a picture of me in a bikini.

So here’s my question – how old does she have to be for swim lessons? This is California, she’s going to be around pools constantly. I’d like her to have some mad swimming skillz as soon as possible.

Today, my friend Jackie! got her fourth opinion on her brain tumor, and it was the best news we’ve heard by FAR. The other three opinions she’d received were all variations of the same prognosis: the tumor couldn’t be entirely removed, and her life expectancy was seven to ten years. Those doctors thought Jackie! should “wait and see” while keeping her quality of life. Today’s doc (McDreamy!) had a completely different diagnosis. He wants to go in and remove the whole tumor. It might mean removing part of her right frontal lobe, but because she’s right-handed McDreamy says that her more dominant left brain will compensate. There are, of course, risks involved with brain surgery, but McDreamy thinks that there is a good chance she could live another decade – or multiple decades. We are all so relieved to finally have some real hope to cling to. Her surgery should be scheduled sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Jackie! is tackling this all with her trademark humor. McDreamy didn’t really know what to make of the laughing, joking Jackie! Family. When Jackie! asked him if he could remove the part of her brain that controls appetite, he thought she was serious. I guess he doesn’t get such positive people in his office every day. She’s also planning on holding a head shaving party complete with mohawks and hair dye. And, lest you think that purty hair is going to waste, it isn’t – Jackie! is donating it to Locks of Love. Damn, Jackie! Way to make the rest of us look bad!