I just finished one of those weekends that are completely jammed with things and people and no sleep. It was just what I needed. Except the no sleep part. Golly gee willikers I’m exhausted. That’s right, I said it. I’m bringing golly gee willikers back!

Annie and I got to spend time with Jackie! and it was great. Annie loves her Auntie Jackie, she even snuggled with her (an honor, as Annie rarely snuggles).


I know I’ve said this a few times already, but Annie is moments away from crawling. She spends most waking hours in this position:

position assumed
(look at that giant Spohr Head! It was made for TV)

Today she started rocking on all fours, and she’s perfectly able to rotate on her stomach. I’ll be spending tomorrow doing some massive baby proofing. Annie is THAT KID – the one that will find the one tiny spec the vacuum didn’t pick up, and that spec turns out to be lead from a pencil that broke, and then you spend the day in the ER fretting about the effects of lead in babies and cursing your vacuum’s suction.

Ugh, tomorrow sounds totally exhausting already.

On a completely unrelated note, I realized Halloween is only six weeks away. Mike vetoed my original idea – Mike and Rigby dressed as Ghostbusters, I would be Zuul, and Annie would be Slimer. I personally think it’s genius but Mike said something like, “blah blah blah Annie wouldn’t be cute blah blah.” He has no imagination.

So, I think tomorrow while I go over my “kid zone” with a fine-tooth comb, I will also do a bit more brainstorming on costumes. Or a lot more. Or maybe I can convince Annie to take a nap with me. That sounds like the best idea possible.

And just to throw another random and terrifying thing at you, Annie is in love with Justin Bieber, and I have video proof:

It’s the scariest thing ever.