Have y’all seen the show, “Intervention,” where families trick their drug-addicted loved ones into attending an intervention to get them to stop taking drugs? Well, Mike just staged an intervention for me, for the website pinterest.com. I am currently refusing to go to rehab.

You guys, I am borderline-obsessed with it. Mike says having 2,257 pins is beyond borderline, such a hater. I have a board for every holiday. I have one for kid parties, grown-up parties, and hair styles. I even started a secret account so I could pin stuff without anyone knowing…you know, mostly relating to my Kermit obsession.

Source: transfixme.tumblr.com via Natalie on Pinterest


OK maybe I do have a problem.

It started innocently enough a year ago. I was mentally decorating every potential home we looked at when we were house hunting, and I somehow stumbled onto pinterest (that was before you needed an invite to join, if you want one let me know and I’ll hook you up). I made a board for all the things I wanted in my house. I was hooked. Then I got my mom hooked, and my aunts and cousin and friends…it’s the tupperware-scheme of time sucks. Except you can easily convince yourself that you’re being creative and therefore NOT wasting time. In fact, I use it to help me pass the time. Waiting in the Doctor’s office? Let’s pin something. Pictures are uploading? Time to pin! Stopped at a red light…just kidding.

Recipes, beverages, and craft ideas make up about 50% of my pins. And of those pins, I have made exactly…um…well I can count on one hand. This drives Mike crazy. “Why do you bother going through all these food sites if you’re never going to actually make anything?” Duh Mike, because when I stay up until 3am pinning things, it feels just as good as actually making something, but with NO clean up!. It’s sort of like when I put on my gym clothes but don’t actually go to the gym. I still accomplished changing out of pajamas, and I didn’t have to get sweaty! On my wild days, I get dressed for the gym and then I pin things.

I have one of those personalities that latches on and gets obsessed with things. It can be a problem when I start a new book – I usually get very little sleep until I finish it. And, just ask my friend Tara about the time I got obsessed with bread, and for months would bring only bread to school for lunch. I’m lucky I haven’t gotten obsessed with anything dangerous like drugs or white water rafting.

Anyway, the other night Mike and I were at dinner with some friends and one of them said, “Heather, I love your pins! They make me so hungry!” I looked at Mike and said, “See?!?! I am inspiring people! I am a culinary curator!” I am totally putting that on my resume. And then I’ll pin it.