It’s no secret that Mike and I are big baseball fans. Since Mike’s team is based in San Francisco, we purchase a TV package every year that allows him (or, us by default) to watch every game. This isn’t a big deal during the summer, when all the regular television programming is in reruns. But in the spring, when my programs are on? PROBLEM. But I digress.

On Monday night we had baseball on the TV (the Tivo recorded my shows) while I laid on the couch with my heating pad. I was only half-paying attention to everything around me when Mike said, “Annie has a dirty diaper, I’m going to go change her.” After he left the room I heard cheering coming from the TV, so I turned my attention back to the game. Mike’s team was not only up to bat, but they had the bases loaded. I realized it was totally unlike Mike to:

a) leave the room when the Giants were up to bat,
b) leave the room when they were not only up to bat but had the bases loaded, and
c) not pause the TV.

I was totally impressed with Mike, and thought it was sweet that he was so anxious to help Annie’s discomfort that he forgot about the game! So, thinking I was being a good wife, I paused the television so he wouldn’t miss anything.

After about thirty seconds, I heard Mike saying, “YAY ANNIE! YAAAAAY” from her bedroom. Thinking she was doing something cute, I threw my heating pad aside and grabbed my camera. When I rushed into the room, I realized Annie wasn’t doing something cute…Mike had beaten the system.

I caught him watching baseball on his phone while he changed the baby

In case you can’t tell what that little thing is on the changing table above Annabel, here is a zoomed in picture:


He is watching the game on his PHONE. Apparently he also bought a package that allows him to do this…and he didn’t tell me. BUSTED! Meanwhile, poor Annie just laid there naked, waiting for the inning to be over so he would finish changing her!

Now that I know he can watch the game on his phone, everything has changed. Last night, I watched Glee and Lost on our TV while he sat with his super secret phone package. Ah, technology.