I said no pictures!
she’s entered the grabbing phase

I know that an important part of a baby’s growing older is getting sick and building immunities. I am totally down with that. Of course, the first two times Maddie got sick after the NICU, it turned into bronchiolitis and she needed to be hospitalized. That, I was not so down with.

We do our best not to expose Maddie to germs. I’m certain that’s no different than any other new parent. For us, that results in a pretty insular life. Sometimes Mike doesn’t leave the house for days. That’s why last weekend’s trip up to San Fran was a big deal for us. And, of course, Maddie got sick.

The extra rattle in her chest coupled with a fever of 100.6 had us calling Dr. Looove’s office yesterday morning. Mike took Maddie to see the doctor, and I sat at work with my fingers crossed. Selfishly, I thought about the trip Mike and I have planned for next week. One of Maddie’s hospital stays had previously forced the cancellation of another trip, and I started to prep myself for this one to be axed as well. Then I felt badly that I was even thinking about myself when my poor little baby wasn’t feeling well. Ah, motherhood.

Mike called me two hours after the appointment with Dr. Looove (she is so thorough, it’s great but AGONIZING for me when I’m waiting on updates!). She thought Maddie just had a common cold. She prescribed another diuretic (lasix) for her lung congestion, and said to give Tylenol if her fever came back. “So, no hospitalization?” I hesitantly asked. “Nope!”

I used to joke that I would be SO happy when Maddie had her first “normal” illness – an ear infection or something like that. And I am happy that Maddie has something so treatable. But I’m so sad that she’s sick. When she had bronchiolitis, she never acted like she didn’t feel well. She was smiling, kicking, cooing at every doctor that came in. This time, every cough and sneeze is followed by the saddest little moan you’ve ever heard. She can only sleep well if she’s sleeping ON me or Mike – and now sleeping on Mike is out of the question, as he is now sick as well. It’s an infirmary around here. I don’t mind sitting up all night with her on my chest – even though it breaks my heart to hear those little moans. After each moan, she looks up into my eyes, and then snuggles her face into my chest.

Ah, motherhood.