Time really flies now that we have Maddie at home. I feel like I just updated the blog yesterday, but it’s already been over a week! Maddie is doing very well at home. She wakes up at night two or three times. We love the nights when it’s only twice!!! We’ve weaned her off of a medicine that helps with her digestion with some success. She started it when she was in the hospital because she was throwing up parts (if not all) of every feeding. Since we took her off the medicine, she seems to throw up only about once a day. She hasn’t spit up for 24 hours now, so hopefully she has moved past the withdrawal and will be able to keep her food down on her own.

Someday when she reads this she’ll be horrified that I shared this little tidbit, but oh well! She’s been a bit…well, constipated! Her doctor suggested that we give her some prune juice diluted with water. I started that last night. I wasn’t sure how she’d react to the prune juice. I put the bottle in her mouth and she took a suck…and the look on her face was priceless! I wish I’d had a camera. She was not pleased with it at all. I only managed to get her to take 10 ccs (an ounce is 30 ccs) before she completely refused the bottle. But, it seemed to help as she has a huge poop last night! And now I will stop talking about poop.

I’ve been bathing her every other night and she seems to really like the water. I can’t wait until the summer when she’s older and we can take her into my parents’ pool. Being in So Cal, she’s going to be around lots of pools so I want to make sure she a) likes to swim, and of course, b) knows HOW to swim. My mom’s friend’s daughter (who has a new baby of her own) is a swim teacher for children and babies so I’m hoping she will be available to teach Maddie.

We are always delighted by the new things Maddie does. Last night when she was awake I put her on her stomach for some “tummy time.” She likes tummy time, she lifts her head off the ground and turns it from side to side. Last night, she managed to turn herself about half way over, onto her side. I honestly think she would have rolled all the way over if her arm hadn’t gotten stuck behind her. Once I put her back on her tummy, she started smacking her lips together and then brought her right hand up to her mouth and started sucking on her little tiny thumb! Mike and I were enchanted because it was SO CUTE. Of course, it only lasted about 10 second before she moved her hand away for bigger and better things…like waving it around aimlessly!