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This weekend my parents came over and helped us prep and paint The Acrobat’s room. First we (and by we I mean my awesome dad) taped up the room on Saturday. Annabel was beside herself with her desire to help.

helping Bampa prep

It was one of those things where we all knew that it meant so much to her to be involved, so it was worth it to take a few extra minutes to let her participate. When it came to taping the room, that meant letting her make letters out of tape (because frankly, taping a room is boring).

"Let's make an A and an M"
Mama, let’s make an A for Annie and an M for Maddie!

The next day was painting day. Annie was surprisingly patient while she waited for everything to be ready.

watching Bampa prep

She reminded me that she needed to change into her painting clothes, then my parents got her all gloved-up.


My parents put a bit of paint on her brush and then we let her go to town:

painting her brother's walls

She was so excited – literally squealing with delight. We helped her leave her “mark.”

practicing her As

And then my mom asked Annie if she wanted to play with Play Doh. “YESSSSSS!” She shouted, and dropped the brush on the floor. That’s why you lay down plastic, my friends. I got a bit of painting in myself near the open window before my dad and Mike made me leave. But, just like it was important to Annie to paint, it was important to me, too. I wanted to say I helped paint his room, just like I helped paint the girls’ rooms.

mama paints
Rigby had little interest in painting.

My awesome dad did the majority of the painting, just like he did with the girls’ rooms…it meant a lot to all of us! When he was done, we called Annie in to look at the room.
Oh my, it’s beauuuuuuutiful!

oh myyyyy
I love it!

"why didn't you paint the sky?"
Why didn’t you paint the sky?

Her excited reaction was so sweet, and she’s asked to go into his room every day…even though there is literally nothing in it right now. I found her laying on the floor in his room yesterday, all by herself. When I said, “Annie, whatcha doing in here?” She replied, “I’m warming up my baby brother’s room, Mama!”

We still have over two months to go, but I have to admit…her excitement is contagious.