We’ve been experiencing a crazy heatwave here in Southern California. A couple days ago it was literally the hottest day EVER in Downtown Los Angeles. At my house, it made it up to 103 degrees, which is crazy. If you’re familiar with things like calendars, you also know it’s Fall. I’d just pulled out all my cute longer sleeved shirts from the bottom of my closet clothes pile. Those wouldn’t do, so I had to climb over said clothes pile to the back of my closet where I’d tossed all my tanks and skirts.

(Mom, I swear I’m going to hang up my clothes someday.)

Yesterday Annie and I had some errands to attend to. I threw on one of my wrinkled tanks and off we went. Our last stop was at the grocery store. I only had to grab laundry detergent (I DO do laundry sometimes (well, Mike does)), so I just put Annie on my hip and walked in. The store was crazy busy. I think people were there just to enjoy the air conditioning.

I grabbed the detergent then walked over to the self-check out. There were easily thirteen college dudes in line there, and they were all buying beer. Ah, to buy beer at 3:45 pm. So young, so carefree.

While we waited, Annie started to get squirmy, and I started to regret my decision to carry her instead of putting her in a cart or stroller. I reminded myself that carrying twenty pounds of Annie and twenty pounds of detergent would make me totally ripped.

Then, Annie decided to start a new game called, “grab the front of mommy’s shirt, shriek and throw yourself backwards while Mommy can’t stop you because she’s carrying twenty pounds of detergent in her spare arm.”

Oh, and that wrinkled tank top I was wearing had a built-in bra. My chest came spilling out. It was like I was at Mardi Gras.

Did I mention that she shrieked when she did it? DID I MENTION THE COLLEGE DUDES?

I dropped the detergent and pulled Annie up to my chest. She’s lucky I didn’t drop her. I pursed my lips in a tight smile and carefully bent over to grab my box of detergent. When I stood up, all the dudes were looking at me. Even the ones that had finished their purchases.

None of them offered me a beer! So rude.

Hey SoCal peeps! I’m a community leader over here, you should check it out and participate. I have already found some awesome new places to try!.