Yesterday Annie had her two year well-baby (well-toddler?) visit with Dr. Looove. We’ve been preparing Annie for the last week for her visit by talking about the super awesome fun princess doctor who was going to tickle her and give her a princess shot! YAY. Annie was super-into it. She even practiced being the doctor.

Dr. Annie

It had been a while since Dr. Looove had seen Annie, and she couldn’t get over all her curls. I was like, “You should try detangling them, you’ll get over ’em real fast.” Annie did the typical little kid thing and clammed-up when Dr. Looove was in the room. No saying her name or counting or any of that. I should have shown Dr. Looove some videos. Anyway, everything checked out great, and all the measurements I took a few weeks ago were accurate. I think that basically makes me a doctor.

And then. Dr. Looove started talking about the vaccination Annie was due to have, and she looked down at Annie’s chart and said, “Uh oh. You have Blue Shield insurance?”

I haven’t said anything on here because I didn’t want to start BABY WATCH 2012!!! but I found a new insurer in Blue Shield – and they offer maternity. They accepted me and we started on the new plan December 15. And it turns out, on January 1st, Blue Shield and UCLA Medical Group parted ways. They have yet to come to an agreement on a new contract which means…it was basically like having NO insurance at Dr. Looove’s office. Do you know how much a vaccination and well-baby visit costs? I do, I do! Almost seven hundred dollars – THAT IS THE CASH DISCOUNT.

So that kind of put a damper on things.

Dr. Looove seems to think that UCLA and Blue Shield will work this contract malarkey out. Blue Shield let contracts with UCLA expire in 2006 for two months and in 2008 for four months. I really hope they come to an agreement soon, because literally all of my doctors are through UCLA. OB/GYN/Perinatology, Hematology, General Practitioner, Psychiatrist, Therapists, need I go on? The thought of finding new doctors and then filling them in on all of my medical and emotional history is exhausting. Do not want.

The timing is super hilarious. If I’d known UCLA and Blue Shield were going to part ways fifteen days after I became a new customer, I would have stayed on my former, less-expensive insurance plan. Dear Lords and Ladies of UCLA and Blue Shield: Please fix this. Kthanx.