Big changes are suddenly happening fast in Spohr Land.


Holy crap you guys! We are in escrow on a house! Somehow this feels more adult than having babies. Maybe because I didn’t have to fill out a 187 page application to become a mom.

Let me hit you with this insane time line:

May 4: Found the house
May 5: Made first offer
May 5-7: Back and forth with counter offers
May 7: Agreed to terms
May 9: Escrow opened
May 27: Close of Escrow

I don’t even know what escrow means!

Buying a house is something that Mike and I have been researching for almost three years. And let me tell you…there IS such a thing as too much research. Often we would get so caught up in the idea of a house that we would forget the basics of what we wanted, or even what we could afford.

Heather: OMG Mike! Look at this mansion!
Mike: NO! Look at THIS mansion!

But when we walked in this house…we knew we’d found our home. It is the cutest little house about 25 minutes outside of Los Angeles. It has a yard for Rigby and Annie, an office for Mike and me, a guest room for Joey Tribbiani…it’s perfect.

The house (it clearly needs a name) was remodeled after the previous owner moved out. It has a lot of wonderful features, and a lot of paint. I like color, though. Even if the colors aren’t what we would have picked. And the storage! Right now, we have two closets. THAT. IS. IT. Now we have a closet in each room, a pantry, and a garage with an attic. And the attic isn’t creepy! YAY!

What’s that? You want pictures? Well OK.

master bedroom


Annie’s room

the backyard


I’m trying to convince strangers to come pack for me. ALSO. I am desperately searching for Moving To-Do lists. What do we need to do? We’re going to move in June, we have flexibility (thank goodness) but June is in three weeks! AAAAAAAH! So far my to do list is:

Change magazine subscriptions
Plot out closest restaurants

I feel like that list is incomplete.

Can we do this? We can, right? AAAAAAAAAH!!!!