This past weekend there was a break in the rain, so Mike, my parents and I took Annabel to the pumpkin patch.

at the pumpkin patch

At first I thought she was going to hate it, as evidenced by her expression above. Madeline HAAATED the pumpkin patch.

doesn't work with pumpkins

Of course, Maddie wasn’t really into putting anything that wasn’t nailed down into her mouth. Annie was like, “HAY! MUST PUT IN MOUTH NOM NOM NOM!”

don't eat that!

Annie loved it. So much to do! So much to look at! And she was the center of attention!

holding hands with daddy and bampa

She got to ride in a wagon, which we all know is awesome.

grab that pumpkin

Hi Bampa!

She got to be silly as a pumpkin and witch.

little Pumpkin


And so did Mike:


One of my favorite pictures with Maddie was at the pumpkin patch:

Mommy & Maddie at the pumpkin patch

Now Mike has a picture like that with Annie:

Annie and Daddy

We have our pumpkins, now Annie just needs her costume!

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