Yesterday I crossed an item off of my life list – I got to see a taping of Oprah!


The Oprah Winfrey Show taped in Los Angeles yesterday for Oprah’s annual post-Academy Awards show. My friend Leslie and I showed up at 6:30 am to go through a series of checkpoints before we finally made it to the inside of the Kodak Theatre. I just have to say, The TSA has NOTHING on the Oprah staff.

excited for Oprah

What you cannot see in this picture is our breath. It was 37 freaking degrees in Hollywood! Very abnormal.

After we checked in, we were given bracelets and paper tickets.

magic bracelets

You can see my goosebumps! Freaking cold. But we didn’t care because we had magic purple Oprah bracelets!

We boarded buses (we had to park about half a mile from the Kodak Theatre because the red carpet was still being disassembled), and then got in line to go through security. We were still excited:

Leslie and her ticket

me and my ticket

We were finally let into the theatre and we found our seats…in the seventh row!

our seats

And this was our view:

the stage

(my pictures get blurry at this point because photography wasn’t allowed…so I had to be sneaky!)

The Kodak Theatre has three balconies, it’s HUGE. And when the warm-up woman came out, I thought my ears were going to bleed: the Kodak became a giant shaking cavern of screaming women.

the kodak

If there is one sound I despise more than children shrieking, it is women shrieking. ESPECIALLY 3,400 shrieking women. I told Leslie that I had not thought this whole thing through. She told me to deal. And deal I did, because then Oprah came out, woo hoo!

The show was amazing. We saw Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Tom Hooper, Melissa Leo, Anne Hathaway, Carson Kressley, and Katy Perry. And, most importantly, Oprah herself. She even introduced a segment from only about 20 feet away from where we were seated!

She was so close we could almost smell her. I bet she smells like money and dreams.

I watched the show (it already aired) and I couldn’t see Leslie or me, although I could see our general area:

In all, a totally fun day and I felt so lucky to get to go to the show! Leslie was my college roommate, and we used to come home from class and watch Oprah on our crappy antenna television.

Now onto the next life list item – actually be ON Oprah. Seriously, I NEED to know what she smells like.