Somehow, a month has passed since James was born.

James, month one

We’re trapped in that weird new baby space/time continuum where you feel like you’ve known the baby your whole life, but every day runs together into one endless feed/sleep/poop loop.

weight: 8 pounds, 6 ounces
length: 22 inches
head: 15.25 inches
hair: tall

After his slow start, James is finally gaining weight like a champ. We seem to have settled into a groove with feeding time, much to my relief. I try to dial-down my inner grandma every time he eats (Are you sure you aren’t still hungry? Here, eat this!) and trust that if he was still hungry, he’d let me know.

James, month one

James is much more alert than I remember the girls being at this point. When he’s awake, he loves to look around and take it all in. When he does tummy time, he’s all over lifting his head up so he can see the whole room. He makes some great expressions as he tries to puzzle out this crazy life and his crazy family. I love looking into his sweet blue eyes and saying, “Yeah, we’re loud and nuts, welcome to the family.”

James, month one

He’s a pretty chill dude, but he’s also noisy. He makes a ton of noise when he eats, breathes, and sleeps. It’s as if he’s already realized that his big sister never stops talking, so he’s trying to keep up. As adorable as his coos, sighs, and snorts are, I could do without them when we’re both trying to sleep.

Annabel and James

It’s only been a month, but we can already tell that James thinks Annabel hung the moon. He turns his head toward her voice whenever he hears it. I just know he’s going to give her his first real smile. I think if he could change one thing, he’d maybe have Annie back off a little when he’s eating/sleeping/relaxing/existing. She loves him hard.

James and Annabel

A month in the books already…it’s hard to believe…but I can’t wait to keep getting to know this little guy.

James, Month One