Thank you all for your wonderful comments and emails yesterday. Writing here is such an outlet for me. There are so many times when I write about something tough, and I leave it all on the page. I feel a million times better when I’m done. Thank you all for indulging and encouraging me!

Annabel is doing much better. We’re still giving her gripe water, but we introduced mylicon yesterday and that made a big difference. Poor thing was gassy! She’s going to kill me some day for saying that. Well honey, mommy is, too. Thanks, c-section!

The other day I took some pictures of Annie to mark one month old. I got the cute blocks idea from my friend Nanette. I can’t believe she’s already a month old! I guess I can’t blame my gas on the c-section anymore. Shoot.

She has changed so much since the first few days we brought her home:

Annabel, four days old

Annie, one month
Annabel, one month old

She is so much more alert:

Annie, one month

She eats like a champ (look at that chub!). We’re constantly laughing at her funny faces.

Annie, one month

I can’t wait to see what she’ll be like as she gets older and can actually do stuff!

The purple doll is called Maddie’s Monster, it’s made by a company called CurlyQ Cuties. Profits from the sale of Maddie’s Monster are donated to the March of Dimes in Maddie’s memory. The pink doll is Annie’s Monster. I had it made so it would look like Maddie’s Monster, but have its own unique qualities. Just like my little Annie.