For a few nights in a row Annabel ate at midnight, four am, and eight am. Mike and I were excited because four hour stretches? AWESOME. But we were cautious because we know that these darn babies love to give their parents a glimpse of restful nights before they yank the rug out from under them.

Well, the rug? It has been yanked, people!

She will still sleep for four hour stretches, but she just will NOT go down at night. I am up until wee hours with her, staring into her wiiiiide open eyes. Here is a dramatic re-enactment:

A dramatic reenactment

Most nights you will find me singing her the Go To Bed Song. It goes something like this:

Oh, little baaaybeeee,
Mommy’s going craaaaaazeee,
Go to bed! Go to bed!

It’s a very soothing lullaby.

It’s not that she’s crying, or unhappy, or hungry, or dirty, or any other problem I can fix. She’s started to realize that the squeaks and yelps she hears are coming from her own mouth, and she LOVES to lay in bed and make all these fun new noises. For HOURS. At TWO AM. And oh man, the noises really are so cute, but I have a feeling they’d be even cuter at two PM. But I wouldn’t know, because she is always sleeping at two pm!

I know Maddie had this problem, where she confused days and nights. But I cannot, for the life of me, remember what (if anything) we did to correct the problem. Other than sing the Go To Bed Song.