The weather in Southern California has been amazing. Sorry to all of you that don’t live here, but today? Eighty degrees. It’s our reward for dealing with traffic and potential earthquakes.

My parents came to spend the day with Maddie and me, and we took full advantage of the beautiful weather. We had a delicious lunch, did some window shopping, and then we went to the cliffs that overlook Santa Monica beach. The setting sun warmed the air that blew in from the ocean. Hard to believe it’s January when we’re wearing sun dresses and flip flops.

We’ll enjoy this weather while we can, because next week it will be cold again. California winters are more schizophrenic than California actresses.

hi grandma
Sun worship.

this isn't loaded, is it?
I don’t really know why there is a cannon in Santa Monica. I guess they have to be prepared in case Malibu invades.

Maddie and her Grandparents
Maddie loves her grandparents.

You really should move here.