I LOVE the names we gave our daughters. I’ve told the story of how we decided on both of their names, and I was certain before either of them were born that the names were perfect.

I OBSESS over names. I have a name picked out for a boy, should I ever have one. I don’t have another girl name set, although I have several in mind. But, I have other friends that struggle over names. I know one couple that didn’t name their child for WEEKS (I didn’t even know you could leave the hospital without a name)!

I also have some friends with name regret. They wished they’d named their child something else for one reason or another. I can’t imagine how strange that must feel – to look at your child and feel like the name you gave him or her wasn’t right. Eeek.

On Momversation this week, Rebecca, Lisa and I discussed baby name criteria, regrets, and craziness.

So, I want to know, what was some of your naming criteria, and do you regret the name you chose? If I ever have another daughter, I’m going to need some serious name help!