We’re a month into this newborn thing and we’ve got it down. Annabel is a very easy baby. Her needs are few – eat, sleep, change, cuddle. I have three of those needs so we’re pretty much on the same page.

This isn’t to say that we aren’t EXHAUSTED. See, I like to get more than say, two hours of sleep at a time. Annabel, on the other hand, wants to eat all the time. It proves problematic to my sleeping. Hopefully under-eye bags will come into fashion.

The lack of rest also has me trying some…questionable…sleeping positions:

she looked so comfy I had to try it

She makes it look so comfy…but it was not. My hips have not recovered.

Poor Annie has had some upset tummy issues. She gets a bit of reflux and hiccups after she eats. Madeline had the same problem so we’ve dealt with this before. We started giving her gripe water and it seems to have done the trick. Although, her little baby hiccups are so stinking cute. Squeak! Squeak!

So we’re in that “New Parent Groundhog Day” phase where every day is the same. But for us, that’s a great thing, because every day includes her.

We think she likes it here, too.

love that gummy smile