In the fifty eight days since I wrote this post (yes, I am counting), Annabel has fallen off the wagon and is back on a bottle. Like, ALL the way back. I don’t know what happened. Well, that’s a lie, I do know what happened. One day she just straight FREAKED about using a sippy cup. It was a bad day teething-wise. I offered her all 87 cups we have in our house, and she screamed “no no no” to all of them. Finally out of desperation (and hours of crying from both of us), I gave her a bottle. I figured the bottle made her mouth feel better. Whatever, I was just trying to make myself feel better. I didn’t realize that giving it to her that one time would undo the months I’d spent getting her OFF the bottle.

I am at my wit’s end you guys.

She chews on the nipple so I KNOW it has something to do with her teething, but she won’t chew on anything else I offer her. But it’s just gross. I spend half my waking hours scrubbing milk stains off the carpet, the couch, clothes, the dog. And somehow I am missing spots because I can smell bad milk…it is so rancid. It clings to my nostrils. Given a choice of spoiled milk, baby poop, or dog vomit…well, I wouldn’t pick the milk.

She’s been waking up at night (I want to punch teething right in the face), and she’ll pitifully wail for her “bopple.” Someone in our apartment (not naming names) gives in…because if not? Screaming. WAILING. Neighbors banging on the walls. Pandemonium. ANNdemonium.

I don’t know what to do. Let her scream all day? Because this is no exaggeration, she WILL scream all day. And I don’t think our neighbors would dig that, either (just a gut feeling I have). Do I have to start the whole weaning process over again?

I am personally considering drinking a couple bottles a day to deal with this mess I’ve created.

Tia Leah, Annie, and the ^%$*#! Bottle.
a precious scene with Tia Leah, RUINED by that mother chucking bottle