I don’t know if everyone does this, or if it’s just because I live in Los Angeles, but sometimes I think about who would play me in the movie about my life. And, of course, because my life story wouldn’t be a 100 minute monologue, I also cast the other members of my family. A few castings are obvious, but some family members have multiple options.

First up is Mike. When I met him, I thought he looked just like Carson Daly. Some of my friends agreed, but a lot of the others thought he looked like Ron Livingston. I think all three of them are handsome. I have a soft spot for tall, dark, and handsome, what can I say?


Then there is me. I was told for a long like that I looked like Melissa Joan Hart. But now that I’m older, I get Amy Adams on a regular basis. I don’t see it AT ALL. She is gorgeous, I am…cute? I’m not fishing for compliments, believe me. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind being compared to her! Then the other day my friend Nanette told me that I look like Joanna Garcia from a new Fall TV show. She’s gorgeous too! I can hear stuff like that all day long, even if I don’t see it/believe it!!!


My mom has heard since she was a kid that she looks like Doris Day. But when I was a younger she got Lindsay Wagner a lot. I don’t see it, because she’s my mom. She just looks like…my mom.


When it comes to my brother, I’m torn. I think he looks so much like two different hilarious actor/comedians, that I honestly can’t pick one. Jerry or Sacha?


Mike’s parents are a little more obvious. His dad is a dead ringer for Paul Newman, although Mike’s dad is a bit younger and has aged a lot better.


Of course, I can’t forget about Mike’s mom. Last month when Mike and I were watching the Olympics we had to rewind our tivo because we were CERTAIN we’d seen Mike’s mom in the stands at the water cube. But no, it wasn’t her – it was Michael Phelps’ mother, Debbie. They could be identical twins.


I know what you’re thinking – where is my dad and Mike’s sister? Well, Mike’s sister’s contract explicitly states that she wants no part of our life story. Something about Mike being icky and having cooties. And while my dad’s hidden talent is telling people who they look like (he is totally my casting agent), he actually looks like um…no one, really. So clearly he will have to play himself in my movie.

That wasn’t what you were thinking? OH, you wanted to know who would play Madeline!!! Of course. Well, these are the options we have for her.


What do you think? Who would play you in the movie about your life?