I threw my back out yesterday. I was sitting on the floor with Annie and it just seized up. I yelped and fell over onto my side, and I stayed there until Mike came home.

In my prone and vulnerable position, I learned a lot of things.

– Annabel will climb anything, and this includes her injured mom. In fact, she thought it was the BEST! THING! EVER! and my pleas for her to stop were met with her mimicking me and then clapping.

– I calculated that she will spend 1/4 of her adolescence grounded if she doesn’t outgrow the mimicking.

– Dogs are sympathetic to the injured, but not helpful. Rigby licked my face a lot. Lassie she is not.

– Texting “hurry up and get the EFF home” doesn’t magically make my husband able to avoid Los Angeles traffic.

– Said husband didn’t understand how I could text and tweet while I was in so much pain.

I just threw my back out and am laying on the floor in defeat. Annie is climbing me victoriously. Send help.
Heather Spohr

It’s a skill.

– There are a lot of random things under my couch. I have my suspicions as to how they got there.

– Based on my up close and personal perspective of Annie’s playtime, it seems like what Annie would like most for Christmas are some dog toys, remote controls and a new set of silverware.

annie's favorite toys

– My rug is a year old and it still pills up no matter how many times I vacuum it. Annoying.

– When Annie gets tired of mimicking and clapping, she likes to blow very wet raspberries right in my face.

– Unprompted kisses from babies can heal the soul. They do not, unfortunately, heal the back.

After what felt like hours, Annie and Rigs had finally settled down – Rigby curled up at my head, and Annie leaning her head on my hip. Then Mike came home, and they both blew me off and scrambled to him as fast as their hands and feet could get them there. That’s when I learned that:

– Upright parents are WAY more fun than injured ones.