Annie’s love for Monsters has been going strong for well over a year and a half now. She still likes to pretend that monsters are after her, and she often goes on “Monster chases,” where she pretends Rigby is a monster and chases her around the house. But, just as Gramma predicted, a few nights ago Annie turned on a dime, and suddenly she is afraid of monsters (“But only at night, Mama. I still want to chase them during the day.”)

I’m still not entirely convinced that being afraid of monsters is now a bedtime delay tactic, but I didn’t want to discount her feelings. I remembered something I’d seen on Pinterest, so I told her I’d get some Monster Spray. Of course, she immediately wanted to know what that was.

“Well, it’s a special spray you get at the monster spray store. You tell them what kind of monsters you have, and they put together a special spray for your bedroom that keeps all the monsters away. It’s pretty great.”

I forgot about it, but of COURSE she did NOT, so the next day she had approximately one million questions for me about Monster Spray, including, but not limited to, the color of the spray, the shape of the bottle, the writing on the bottle, the smell, and the most fascinating subject of all, the Monster Spray Store.

Annabel wanted to go with me to the Monster Spray Store so badly. But she couldn’t because, you know, there’s no such thing. I told her an elaborate story that kids weren’t allowed at the Monster Spray Store because once, a monster tried to sneak in dressed up like a little kid. It taught everyone a valuable lesson, and that’s why no kids were allowed.

“So…I can’t go with you because of lessons?” Yep, nailed it.

I left for my evening sewing class a little early so I could swing by the craft store to get the stuff to concoct Monster Spray.I kept the whole thing pretty simple, just a squirt bottle, some letters, and stick-on eyes. At the last minute I remembered I had to put a liquid in the bottle, so I grabbed the febreze off my dryer and poured half of it in.

monster spray

It also looks quite magical if you can illuminate it over a night light.

glowing monster spray

Annie flipped out over it, and asked if she could spray it in her room. I told her not until it was time for bed, and she immediately started asking to go to sleep. I love the Monster Spray.

I told her “two pumps a day keeps the monsters away.” She sprayed once in front of her closet, and then once under her bed. Before she climbed under the covers she said, “Mommy, I think I need to do a ‘No Monsters’ dance, too.” Then she started twirling and shaking her booty (some might call it twerking) while chanting, “Go away Monsters! You stink!”  If I were a monster, I would have been convinced.

I’m not sure if it was the Monster Spray, or twerk-related exhaustion, but she fell asleep right away.

sleeping safe and sound

Now if only the Monster Spray would keep away the spiders.